The essence of the art of choral music for me lies in the opportunity to be creative together. I am a choral conductor, teacher and arranger. I grew up in South Africa where we have eleven official languages. This formed me as a young mind to believe and thrive in the concept of community. I strongly believe that people are most successful when they feel that each of their individual contributions is noticed and appreciated, whether this is in a community choir set up or college choir set up. A sense of community within a choir is one of the most important aspects for me if not the most important; therefore I take time to develop authentic relationships with the members of my choir. As teacher I seek to teach the whole person, encourage them to understand and connect to their community, be thoughtful academics and create highly passionate, art at the highest levels possible. It is through this combination of passion and artistic creativity we can push the choral art forward and be at the cutting edge of cultural change in our ever-changing society.

      - Gerrit Scheepers